How to restore purchases for Apple app?
How to restore purchases for Apple app?
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How to restore purchases for Apple app?

Sometimes you need to buy the in-app-purchase to enable some premium feature of the app or something in the game. Apple calls this a non-consumable purchase. When you switch your iPhone/iPad/Mac or any of your Apple devices, you will find it is not enabled in the new device. Suppose you restore your iPhone or iPad, or Mac from a backup, or you deleted and reinstalled an app that has in-app purchases. In that case, you can restore as this article.

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Before we move on to the steps, please make sure you use the same Apple account as you bought the in-app purchases. Otherwise, it can not be restored.

Restore your in-app purchases in the app you have used

It is straightforward; all of the apps will provide a menu called "Restore Purchase" in the app, either in the main UI or purchase UI or settings. So please take a look at the app, and you will find it. It is simple, click the menu, it will restore your purchase.

Restore your purchase by purchasing again

As my testing and user feedback, in some cases, the restore menu might not work as it should be. In this case, you can still restore the purchase. You can buy the item you have repurchased, do not worry about the re-charge; it would re-charge since you already purchased it. So feel free to have a try. But make sure you need to use the same Apple ID and buy the same package. If you purchased the yearly subscription before, you need to repurchase the annual subscription to restore it.

As always, Apple already has an online help page for this, so you can also find the detailed information in If you don't see your in-app purchases.

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