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Main Features

Speed Test for Mac
Speed Test for Mac

One-Click to test upload/download speed, real-time monitor Mac network speed

View Detail Network Info of Mac
View Detail Network Info of Mac

Provides measurement of signal strength, RSSI, noise, DNS, channel bandwidth, and more

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Detail Description of WiFi Speed Test

WiFi Speed Test is an essential diagnostic tool for you to test your network speed and check the signal strength, it will include all the information you need. - Support Dark Mode, thanks again for apple's great developing SDK, it is easy to support light/dark mode. Since I develop the app, it is easy to support both light/dark mode easily at the same time. - Internet Speed Test, Accuracy download/upload result, Check Network Stability. - Signal Strength, RSSI, Noise, DNS, Channel Band/Width, etc. - Network Usage Monitor. Easy to check everything in status/menu bar All the information include LAN IP, Gateway IP, Public IP, mac address, BSSID, even the ISP information are all easy to check in the app. - Wi-fi scanning analysis tool provides the scanning function of surrounding wireless network signals. Provide graphical signal strength interface, and support automatic filtering of Wifi list according to the network name, mode, channel width, security, and vendor conditions WiFi Speed Test offers the following option for Upgrading to VIP service Service: Upgrade to VIP One-time purchase to get lifetime access Monthly subscription Yearly subscription Price may vary by location. Contact Us: - Telegram: appsupportgroup - WeChat: appsupportgroup - QQ group: 260862101

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