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Best Magnet mac free alternatives
Best Magnet mac free alternatives
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-06-15 23:58:48

Best Magnet mac free alternatives

There is a top-paid app ranking in Mac App Store. Besides Notability, GoodNotes, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro. This is a tiny app, but super helpful. It is Magnet. Magnet is the best windows management app on Mac. And in Mac App Store, other tools like Magnet, BettersnapTool, and Manico are all similar to Magnet. But all of these great Apps are paid for. There is no free windows manager on Mac App Store. You can find the answer in this article for people who also ask the questions below.

Are there any free alternatives to Magnet?

What apps are like magnets?

How do I use Magnet on Mac?

Why are all the windows management tools paid Apps in Mac App Store?

If you look at the detailed release date of the Magnet or Bettersnap Tool, they were released in 2011 and 2012. At that time, there was no sandbox limitation for the app in Mac App Store, which meant you could control other apps' windows. But after 2016, Apple introduced the App Store sandbox to restrict access to system resources and user data in macOS. So you can see none of them are published after 2016. Although Apple said, "You must enable the App Sandbox capability if you want to distribute a macOS app through the Mac App Store.". The apps already published on Mac App Store are not following this guideline. I believe this is also why all these apps are paid apps since nobody can post the same app after 2016. There are no competitors for Magnets.

Is there any free alternative app to Magnet?

  1. WindoWizard, Free, Free, Free, this is the critical information. It provides the same feature as Magnet, so if you are looking for a free alternative to Magnet, Bettersnaptool. This one is the best.

  2. Spectacle, another free app on Mac, is also an excellent tool to manage the windows on your Mac. But sadly, it is no longer actively maintained now.


This is not a high-tech tool, just because of the policy history of Apple, so there is no free alternative app to Magnet, but if you search out of Mac App Store, you will find the best free windows management tool for Mac.

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