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Support adjust playback speed, screenshot/gif/recording, picture-in-picture mode, load/search/adjust subtitles, etc.
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Embedded Subtitles and Audio Tracks

Embedded Subtitles and Audio Tracks

With OmniConverter you can easily burn the subtitle into the new video or change the audio track

More format profiles are coming! You can convert files by a simple click

More format profiles are coming! You can convert files by a simple click

It's very easy to choose the template for any device or any social media video profile. You don't need to worry about the details - we build it for you

Compress Video and Audio

Compress Video and Audio

You can see the estimated size before the conversion process begins

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Why can't my file be converted with OmniConverter?

In most cases, it works. Some specific files might contain video, audio, or subtitle tracks that have special encoding. If you encounter this problem, feel free to send the file to us, so we can analyze it.

Why can't the converted MP4 file using OmniConverter be imported into FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) or be played with QuickTime Player?

Some video contains a 5.1 audio channel which is not supported by FCPX and QuickTime Player. Please select "Edit" and choose "Stereo" in the "Audio Mode" dropdown list before converting it. You can also use our OmniPlayer app which supports 5.1 audio channels to play converted files.

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