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How to record screen on macOS with audio?
How to record screen on macOS with audio?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2022-08-09 18:45:56

How to record screen on macOS with audio?

If you want to record the internal audio on mac, you can use quick time, but if you want to hear the audio sound and record the audio in the same time, you need to install some 3rd party apps. And it is differrent to record youtube video with audio and record zoom meeting audio. You can find the detail in below article.

Screen Recorder by Omi

User can record the whole screen or specific area on the Mac, but to record the audio, you need to install the Omi Screen Recorder Audio Driver. To configure the audio driver, it depends on which app is playing the sound. For the most apps, it will play the audio by default system audio driver, then it is very easy. But for some special apps, like Zoom, Teams, or even some Video Player apps, it need to configure in the app to enable the sound recording.

Record sound from Browser

If you want to record youtube or any of stream video or audio content, after you install the Omi Screen Recorder Audio Driver, just enable the "System Audio" option.

After enable this, you can record the audio in your recorded video, and you also can listen the sound from browser. Just one limitation, you can not change the volume level after you start the recording.

If there is anything wrong, like there is no sound during the recording, or there is no sound in the output video, please double check the audio volume, make sure it is not muted. And open the Audio MIDI Setup in spotlight (If you do not know what is spotlight, try to open the Application -> Utilities Folder, you will find Audio MIDI Setup), make sure the Omi Recorder Aggregate Device will include the "Recorder Audio Driver" and the device which is playing the sound like "Build-in Ouput" which is the default speaker of Mac, if you are using any headset, then it should be something like "xxx headset".

Omi Screen Recorder will figure the MIDI setting automatically, but if it is not configured as below, you can change it manually, just always include the "Recorder Audio Driver" and one of the device you want to play sound, then it should work.

Record Sound from Zoom/Teams/Some Video Player

If you want to record the Zoom/Teams meeting, but you are not the host, you can record the screen with sound, but after you install the Omi Screen Recorder Audio Driver, it still can not work, you can need to change the zoom settings also. Here is the steps for zoom, for Teams or others cloud meeting app, you can follow the simular steps, the key point is to change the output speaker to Omi Recorder Aggregate Device.

Take Zoom as an example, you can check with the Zoom->Preference->Audio Setting

If the Zoom version is higher than 5.8, and you see the Speaker Setting with "Same as System", you do not need to change anything, just keep the "Same as System".

If the Zoom version is lower than 5.8, and you did not see the speaker default options "Same as system", the default one is "System Default" you need to change it to "Omi Recorder Aggregate Device".

Take Teams as an example, you can check Teams->Settings->Audio Setting. So far as the test, you need to change the speaker to "Omi Recorder Aggregate Device" manually.

So when you record the system audio failed, please try to change the audio setting in the app which you want to record, then it might works.

You can downlaod the Screen Recorder by Omi on Mac App Store or you can download from Okaapp website.

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