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Support adjust playback speed, screenshot/gif/recording, picture-in-picture mode, load/search/adjust subtitles, etc.
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Main Features

Powerful All-Around Screen Recording
Powerful All-Around Screen Recording

Screen Recording with PiP Camera, support recording system sound and voice at the same time. Customize recording image size, resolution, frame rate, recording time. Much more powerful than the QuickTime Player recording on Mac.

Easy-To-Use Camera Recording
Easy-To-Use Camera Recording

Record camera and voice with one click. Support adjust resolution, frame rate, and mirror flipping.

Fast Video Editing Compression And Export
Fast Video Editing Compression And Export

Edit and compress the recorded video for uploading to websites like youtube. Support video trimming, change the video resolution, fps, image quality, audio mode & volume.

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Detail Description of Omi Screen Recorder

Omi Screen Recorder for Mac lets you quickly record your Mac screen. Whether it's the full-screen, a delineated area, or footage from the camera, you can record them all with one click. All recorded video files will be saved in mp4 format. Omi Screen Recorder is your best choice for recording online lessons, making video tutorials, and recording game screens. Key Features - Full-screen recording - Area recording - Camera recording - Camera picture-in-picture - Recording system sound - Recording microphone - Record mouse click events - Select recording screen size - Select frame rate for recording - Select the recording resolution - Specify the recording duration - Video Editor - Set shortcut keys

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