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Batch decompression of archives, Supports password-protected archives, Click one button to extract & archive on your Mac
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Main Features

The only app in the Mac App Store that supports multi-volume zip format

Quick. Easy. Stable. Oka Unarchiver! Unarchiver lets you customize the performance and compression level as you choose

Drag and drop any archive files into Unarchiver to easily decompress them

Just drag and drop files to Oka Unarchiver. You can then choose to zip or unzip them easily. You can even unzip multiple files at the same time.

Right-click Menu integrated with Finder

Quick Compress / Extract / Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't the file be unzipped?

This is the most frequently asked question for this app. Actually, in most cases, if a file is corrupted during the download process, it can not be unzipped by any application. The solution is to re-download the file and try to unzip it again. If this doesn't work, you can send the file to us to analyze the root cause.

How do I unzip multi-volume files?

In the Mac, due to permission issues, an application on the Mac App Store can not get the permission it needs to read files in the same folder automatically. The solution is to first add a permission or add all volume files into Oka Unarchiver. Then you can unzip it.