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How do you mirror your Mac's screen or video files on your TV?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2021-03-18 19:20:30

How to mirror your mac screen or video files to your TV?

Here is the steps to mirror your mac screen or video files to your TV. Before read that, please install the Oka Mirror app in Mac Appstore. If you have not installed, read this blog.

Find Devices

Open the app, and click the icon in the status bar, you will find the UI, and in the right-bottom, there is a device list selection. If you have not find the devices, make sure your TV connect the same wifi with your Mac, especially when your have dual band router, check with this blog. And please make sure your TV allow the connection from your Mac, if you want to know detail about TV setting, you can check with this blog. And make sure your mac is ready for everything, you can check with this blog.


Screen Mirror and Cast your Mac Desktop to TV

When you first time press the "Start Mirroring" button, it will ask your permission to record screen. Please add permission for the app. We don’t record your screen into files and we don’t send any content to a server. We only temporarily store data in the memory of your device before it is streamed to TV. Upon streaming, the content is removed from memory. If you have any trouble with this steps, read this blog.


Install Audio driver if you want to have the audio when you mirror your desktop.

This is not necessary if you do not need to have audio when you cast your desktop. And frankly, the audio mirror is not so good since this need a lot of CPU resource of your Mac and a high performance Wi-Fi network. You can find how to install the driver in this blog.

And after you installed the driver, it still need your Microphone permission, so please allow the requestion when you see this dialog.aud


How about Media Streaming?

This is very easy, just switch to Media Streaming tab, add files into the list, then you can start streaming. You also can select the subtitle or audio track. And you might notice the Auto Transcoding, If your TV model is older, it may not support the newer video en-coding formats. You can try turn on “Auto Transcoding” for better de-vice compatibility, but it will takes up more Mac system resources during transcoding.


Why I still can not cast to TV successfully?

It is really hard to debug this, the whole mirror functions need three devices, Mac, Router, TV. I like the TV show "IT Crowd", and if you watch that show, you will know a famous line from Roy, "Have you tried turning it off and on again". Yes, in most case this will resolve most issues.


Anyway, here is the links for the FAQ about how to troubleshooting.

How to check Mac setting?

How to check Router Wifi setting?

How to check TV setting?