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Why is the playback lagging?
Why is the playback lagging?
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  • 2024-07-19 00:01:12

Why is the playback lagging?

If the content being streamed is from a cloud drive resource and experiencing playback lag, it is necessary to check if the cloud drive imposes speed limitations on non-vip users. For example, on Baidu Cloud, non-vip users may experience speed limitations when streaming videos online. It is also important to examine if other resources in the cloud drive are experiencing playback issues, as it could be a problem specific to the video resources.

The smoothness of playback is also influenced by the bitrate of the video resources. Videos with bitrates of 5Mbps and 20Mbps impose different demands on network conditions. When accessing high-bitrate content, ensure that your network conditions meet the requirements.

If the content is from an Emby server, it is advisable to first check if the server load is within normal limits. Since Emby is a single-threaded and somewhat outdated product, the ultimate benchmark should be your actual user experience. Flexibility in switching between different resources is recommended based on your experience.

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