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By accruing abundant merits, a true teacher shall come to deliver.
By accruing abundant merits, a true teacher shall come to deliver.
  • OKA
  • 2024-06-15 17:01:49

By accruing abundant merits, a true teacher shall come to deliver.

I created this app simply because I couldn't bear the assortment of poorly designed and overly flashy wooden fish apps found in the App Store. As a Buddhist and a loyal Apple user, I couldn't stand it any longer.

After watching the interaction widget session for iOS 17 during WWDC 2023, I wanted to create a wooden fish app that could be played anytime and anywhere, whether it be on the lock screen, home screen, or even on the dynamic island or standby mode, all for accumulating merits.

One of the origins of the tradition of accumulating merits through playing the wooden fish comes from the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. It is said that before attaining enlightenment, Siddhartha practiced asceticism and found himself weak and drowsy during his meditations. To help him stay awake and focused, a young man named Bindu provided him with a wooden fish and taught him how to play it to produce clear sounds. By using the wooden fish, Siddhartha was able to continue his practice with concentration, tranquility, and meditation, eventually attaining enlightenment. Playing the wooden fish is also considered a way to accumulate merits, which means amassing positive energy and virtues through practice.

By widely accumulating merits, it is believed that a true teacher will come to deliver us. If you accumulate a substantial amount of merits, tentatively set at one thousand, you can contact us to redeem a promotional code for an app worth up to $10. For those of you who accumulate over ten thousand merits, you can directly contact us to receive a physical wooden fish as a gift, which you can use for practice anytime.

Regarding the lock screen and home screen widget functions for iOS 17, we may have to wait until Apple's new iPhone 15 is released on September 13th, along with the new iOS.

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