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Any Mac Apps you should install?
Any Mac Apps you should install?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-18 22:20:17

Any Mac Apps you should install?

This is suggested by chatgpt, I only modified a few wording and image link

  1. Alfred: Alfred is a fast launcher that allows you to quickly launch applications, search files, perform calculations, open web pages, and more. It offers many useful features such as clipboard history, custom searches, integrated system commands, and more, making your work more efficient.

  2. iTerm2: iTerm2 is an advanced terminal emulator that provides many features that standard terminals do not have. For example, iTerm2 supports split panes, multiple tabs, search history, and more. It also supports custom themes and keyboard shortcuts, making it easier for you to master your command line.

  3. Windowizard: Windowizard is a free window manager that helps you manage windows more efficiently. With keyboard shortcuts, you can move windows to different positions, resize them, maximize, fullscreen, and more. It also provides many customization options, such as adjusting the window size increment, moving windows from one screen to another, and more.

  4. Omniplayer: Omniplayer is a popular media player that can play almost all types of audio and video files. It supports many formats including MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, and more, and supports advanced features such as subtitles, audio and video filters, and more.

  5. 1Password: 1Password is a password manager that helps you create and manage complex, secure passwords to protect your online accounts. It can generate secure passwords, save passwords, autofill forms, store credit card information, and more. It also has 2FA support, shared passwords, and other features.

  6. BetterTouchTool: BetterTouchTool is an application that allows you to customize trackpad and mouse gestures, making it more efficient to use your Mac. By setting up trackpad gestures, you can quickly switch applications, open folders, execute system commands, and more. It can also map keyboard shortcuts to trackpad gestures.

  7. Magnet: Magnet is an application that helps you manage windows by quickly snapping them to different positions on your screen. It supports split screen, multiple screens, keyboard shortcuts, and more, allowing you to organize your windows more efficiently.

  8. CleanMyMac: CleanMyMac is a system cleaning and optimization tool that helps you free up disk space, clear out unnecessary files, uninstall unwanted applications, and improve the performance of your Mac. It can also detect and fix system errors to ensure your Mac is always running at its best.

  9. Amphetamine: Amphetamine is an application that keeps your Mac awake, preventing it from going to sleep when you don't want it to. It allows your Mac to stay awake until you manually turn it off or reach a preset time, which is useful for users who need to run tasks for a long time.

  10. Bartender: Bartender is a menu bar manager that allows you to customize and organize the applications and system icons in your menu bar. It can help you reduce menu bar clutter, keep the menu bar tidy and organized, and improve your work efficiency.

I hope this detailed introduction is helpful to you, and that these applications will meet your needs and enhance your Mac experience.

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