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How to have multiple items for copy/paste on macOS Ventura?
How to have multiple items for copy/paste on macOS Ventura?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-19 01:34:43

How to have multiple items for copy/paste on macOS Monterey?

Which shortcut is the most used in your daily life? Command + C, Command + V, right? But if you want to copy/paste multiple items or check the clipboard's history, you need a third-party app. And if you have questions similar to the following, you can find an answer in this blog.

What are the best PasteNow Alternatives on macOS Monterey 2022?

Copy and Paste Multiple Things on OSX??

How to Copy and Paste Multiple Items at Once?

How to copy Multiple Things to your macOS's Clipboard at Once?

uPaste - Mac Best Free Clipboard Manager

uPaste records and organizes your copy/paste history automatically. It lets you use your pasteboard content anytime or anywhere. uPaste features a beautiful and elegant, easy-to-use UI.

I like the quickest way to access all the clipboard items with the command + J shortcut. It is very similar to the Spotlight feature on macOS. But it only filters the contents in your clipboard.

If you are a customer assistant who needs to reply the similar questions every day, uPaste is the best choice for you.

PasteNow - Instant Clipboard

It is a clipboard management tool designed for macOS. It includes the smart list, multiple layouts, keyboard shortcuts, etc. And it also supports iCloud backup and sync.

If you are not so interested in these two apps, there are a lot of similar tools you can try, like Flycut, CopyClip, and Alfred. All of these tools are clipboard management apps. I would suggest you try with uPaste, which is a fancy tool on Monterey.

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