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The Best 6 Video Player for Mac
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The Best 6 Video Player for Mac

Before we jump into the comparetion, I will show the feature table to list all featues of each apps, so you can have a general idea before you read the detail.


1. Omniplayer - The best of the best video player for mac users.

From the table, you can find it easily, it support all features you want to have for a video player or music player. It even support the online video from YouTube, you can watch the youtube video without any annoying ad.

Besides the extensive range of supported file format, it provide stable playback controls, multiple TV streaming support.

The whole UI interface is just super wise, it is an all-in-one Mac video player, but with a super great UI design and theme. It have the gesture support, and everyting just match with Apple's mac design.

The Safari extension is a super Ad-Blocker for YouTube, so you can watch or stream youtube video with ad-free.

What I like it a lot is the subtitle auto-download feature, it seems they integrate with opensubtitles. And it is easy to match the video with the subtitle online and download it automaticly.

It provide two channels to download free, one is from Mac Appstore, or you can download the package from their website


2. Justplay: A light video player just as the name

It is another way of video player, interface is super simple and just make everything work, it also support massive list of file format, it even support the 8K videos.

Another thing is, it support the touch bar integration, but it is not free, not even a free-trial version. It might block most of users to try it.


3. VLC: The best video player not just for Mac, it support all platforms

Any video player app can not ingore VLC, this is the king of the video player, because VLC is a free open-source video player, so many of the other apps are using VLC as a libary. Especially VLC support all platforms, not just Mac, it also support Android, iOS, Windows, Linux.

It even support user to have the custimzed extensions and skins.

But VLC is really an old fasion tool, everything is too tech, and UI is not that modern as the other apps. Again it still is the king of this category, but it is just far way from the users.


4. Elmedia: The enterprise products of video player

The price is super high, but the quality is also great, especially for the PRO version, It support virtually file format, and if you are a professional user, you can try with it, and it can stream content to Apple TV, this is a plus feature.


5. IINA: Another open-source free video player

Just like VLC, this is another open source and free video player, but actually the major video libary is not build by IINA, it is baed on mpv. It is more like they build a modern UI for VLC. It provide rich subtitle options also.

But IINA is a super storage and CPU-heavy app if you tried in your Mac. So make sure you are using a Pro or iMac before you tried with this one.


6. 5KPlayer: As the name, Ultra HD video player

You can read the feature of this app easily from the name, it play the ultra HD video well, and it support DVD files, but it is very laggy and choppy if you used it in daily video playing, you will find it is not good as the other video players.