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VidHub Video File Naming Rules
VidHub Video File Naming Rules
  • Lin
  • 2024-07-19 00:00:52

VidHub video file naming rules

VidHub is a cross-platform video resource management tool and video player available for macOS, iOS, and tvOS. It supports local files, NAS, Samba/WebDav/AList, Emby/Plex/Jellyfin servers, cloud drive files such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc. Vidhub can automatically generate elegant movie and TV show poster walls based on files name. All the movie and TV online data come from the open website TMDB.

To ensure the accuracy of automatic scraping and searching for movies and TV series, please follow the rules below for naming files.

1 - The only association when automatically scraping and searching for movies and TV series is the file name, and is irrelevant to the folder name and folder structure.

2 - The movie file name should start with the complete name of the movie, followed by other related file information. If there are movies of the same name, please be sure to include the release date for each movie in the file name.


3 - The TV series episode file name should start with the series title (keeping the same title for all episodes in the same series), followed by the season and episode information (S01E01/Season 1 Episode 1).



4 - For special episodes, the filename should start with the series title, followed by season number as 0, and specify the episode number (S00E01).

Shameless.S00E01.Sneak Peek.1080p.AMZN.mkv

5 - If the automatically matched information of movies and series is incorrect, you have the option to modify the file name. In macOS/iOS apps, you can directly rename a single file or perform a batch rename of files. Additionally, you can manually edit the information by long pressing or right-clicking on the erroneous item and selecting the option to edit the information in all platforms.

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