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Can you use OBS on Mac?
Can you use OBS on Mac?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-06-15 23:11:18

Can you use OBS on Mac?

If you want to record your screen with system sound, you might hear about OBS. Is OBS Studio safe for Mac? Does OBS run natively on M1 Mac? Are there any free alternatives for OBS on macOS?


Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is one of the best streaming and recording tool for Windows/Mac/Linux. Since this is a open sourced software, so it is free to use. But it is not for a non-tech user, the setup steps is kind of complex. It is not for everyone to use, if you are a gamer or live streamers, you can try with OBS, otherwise I would suggest you to try with some simple alternatives.

Screen Recorder by Omi

You can download from Mac App Store by search Omi, as a free alternative, omi screen recorder can record screen and system sound, user do not need to set any additional configuration. So if you are a non-tech user, this is user-friendly app you should try.

Beside the recording with sound, it also provide plenty of useful features like start/pause/stop recording with shortcuts, recording windows rather than an area.

The average ranking score is 4.9 stars on Mac App Store, so Screen Recorder by Omi is a great alternative from user's point of view.


Camtasia is a all-in-one screen recorder and video editor, if you want to have a simple video editing, this is the tool you can try. But the price is kind of expensive for Camtasia. It provide a build-in video editor which include some video template, you can drag/drop to add/remove/trim the video. You also can add text, transitions, effects etc.

But the one-time fee of $299.99 is a huge expensive price for customers. If you just want to have a simple video recording, this is not the best choice.


ScreenFlow is a similar app with Camtasia, you can create and publish your content with video editing features. Even the price is kind similar, $169 - $259 for differrent package. It is way too high for customers. If you want to have a free video editor, I would suggest to try with CapCut.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an intuitive screen recorder which are released on Windows and Mac. The feature set is kind of similar, but it included the keystrokes and the mouse animations, you do not need to download another apps for this. The price also is kind of lower, $34.95/Year.

If you want to have a screen recording feature without the complexities of professional grade software, you can with with Movavi.

Beside all of the apps listed in this article, there are also some popular apps on Mac like record it, Filmage, try to search screen recorder on Mac App Store, you can compare the user comments, product price, feature set, and choose the best alternatives to OBS.

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