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How to download video/music from Youtube videos on your Mac?
How to download video/music from Youtube videos on your Mac?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-18 11:44:09

How to download video/music from Youtube videos on your Mac?

Some online websites can download video files from Youtube, but most are full of advertisements. And some apps can help with this. Most of these apps are paid apps, like Downie. Are there any free alternatives to Downie? You will find a free app without any annoying ads. It can download MP3/MP4 or any format to your Mac.

VDown: Free Video Downloader for 900+ Websites, AD-Free

VDown is a free program available for Mac. It is based on the yt-dlp project, an open-source project on GitHub.

To download the video from any URL links, copy the links and add them to VDown. It will start to analyze the link's content and show the video content in VDown. Choose the format you want to download and the subtitle format, then click the download button.

If you want to convert the video format, you can also download Om. This is the best video/audio convert tool on Mac App Store. The average rating is 4.9 stars. If you want to play the video/audio files on your iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows devices, choose a simple template, Omni Converter will set the detail format for users.

Downie: Paid App to download the video file

The price of Downie is $19.99. I would not suggest this unless you can not download the file successfully from VDown. This is a purely swift-coded project. It is not open-source.

Online Websites

There are many online websites that can also download video files from youtube or other websites, search on Google. You will find a lot of alternatives.

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