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Best free Permute alternatives on macOS
Best free Permute alternatives on macOS
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-07-18 22:21:24

Best free Permute alternatives on macOS

If you are a fan of Downie, you also should know Permute; for all kinds of video/audio/image files, you might want to open it in some specific format. Then it would be best if you had a converter to convert your media files to various formats. But it is very expensive for Permute. It is $14.99.

There are a lot of free Permute alternatives like Omni Converter, HandBrake, Xilisoft Video Converter, iFlicks, Adapter, Evom, and Hamster Free Video Converter. Which is the best on macOS?

You can find answers in this blog if you have questions similar to the following.

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Omni Converter - The Best Free Video and Audio Converter on Mac

OmniConverter can convert video and audio from one format to another on the Mac. It is also a video-to-audio converter on Mac. You can set the frame rate, bit rate, video encoding, audio encoding, and audio sample rate. It also can reduce video size by compressing video to any resolution (4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p).

It provides the default common format profiles, so even if you do not know any detail about video format, choose the device you want to play the video file, and it will set all parameters for you.

Also, you can compress the size of the video file to save the storage, and it will provide an estimated compressed size before you start the conversion.

HandBrake - The open source video transcoder

HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. There are three primary reasons you should try HandBrake.

Convert video from nearly any format

Free and Open Source

Multi-Platform Supported (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

But the tool is a professional tool that engineers develop, so it is not very easy to learn how to use it.


Video, audio, and image files come in many different kinds and shapes, but sometimes you need a specific format since your iPad or DVD player won't play that video. That is what Permute is for - easily convert your media files to various formats.

Permute is quite expensive. I would like to buy the package with Permute + Downie for $26.99 rather than Permute for $14.99

Anyway, there are a lot of good free Permute alternatives. You to search in Mac App Store on macOS Monterey and read the review comments for the app, and you will find the best one.

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