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Support adjust playback speed, screenshot/gif/recording, picture-in-picture mode, load/search/adjust subtitles, etc.
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Detail Description of xHub

Please note: From version 1.6.2 the application name has been changed from "Oka Files" to "xHub" xHub is a comprehensive document management application that integrates file browsing, video playback, photo browsing, text editing, and audio recording. It is designed to be easy to use, powerful and stable, and can easily manage files on both local and remote servers. It features file search / edit / save, move / copy, compression / decompression, etc. It is also a powerful extension for iCloud files, you can use it anytime, anywhere to help you get the job done. * Support almost all kinds of video/text/image/archive formats. * Quick file sharing with nearby devices by WebDAV or browser. * Browse and manage files on your NAS, Windows PC, macOS, Linux via SMB protocol. * Support Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive * Enhanced media player that supports multiple formats of media files * Support for video playback speed adjustment * Support loading external subtitle files (srt, ssa, ass, sub) * Support for mini-player mode and background playback xHub offers the following option for Upgrading to VIP service Service: Upgrade to VIP One-time purchase to get lifetime access Monthly subscription Yearly subscription Price may vary by location. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Contact Us: - Telegram: appsupportgroup - WeChat: appsupportgroup

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