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Best New Apps on Mac App Store in 2022
Best New Apps on Mac App Store in 2022
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-06-15 15:23:02

Best New Apps on Mac App Store in 2022

There are a lot of new apps released every day, we list the latest apps released in 2022, and the ranking stars on Mac App Store are higher than 4.8. At least for mac users, these apps are the best apps for macOS.

  1. ### Video Converter X2 (4.9 stars)

The best video converter app on Mac App Store; if you check users' ratings and comments, 4.9 stars is a very high ranking. Video Converter X2 provides many templates for non-tech users to convert video files without knowing the detail. If you want to have a deep compress with your video files, try the deep compress feature, it can compress a 1GB mkv file to a 200M file.

It also provides an audio conversion feature. Especially for some encrypted music files, you can convert them to an mp3 file.

The video merge feature can merge several video files into just one file. Again, users add files and click merge; they do not need to care about the detail settings or format of each file.

  1. ### Fastzip (4.6 stars)

The Unarchiver is one of the best unzip apps, what feature can Fastzip add to improve user's experience. Fastzip can zip and unzip files, and it is totally free.

  1. ### Fig Player (4.9 stars)

There are a lot of video player apps on Mac now, VLC, MPV, IINA, inFuse, EL Media Player, Omniplayer etc. Why Fig Player still got 4.9 stars on Mac App Store? The top review comments explain the reasons, Fig Player can record the video to mp4 or gif. It has the best balance of stability, performance, features and UI/UX.

Fig player even support the m3u8/m3u IPTV streaming, so if you want to watch the TV on your Mac, try to find some iptv link and open with Fig Player, you can enjoy the TV on macOS.

  1. ### Omi Screen Recorder (4.8 stars)

Not like the OBS/Soundflower, Omi Screen Recorder can be installed on macOS easily. Download from Mac App Store, and install the audio driver, then everything is set. Omi Screen Recorder can record the microphone, system sound even the camera in the same time. User can customize the resolution, frame rate, video quality and other options before the recording is started.

Omi Screen Recorder also provides the video editor feature, user can trim the video after recording, or export to other format file.

  1. ### Bob (4.9 stars)

This is a easy tool to translate the text for users, especially for the OCR image text translation, it also integrates with Popclip. If you are not a native English speaker, Bob the the best productivity app you should try.

All the apps are released on Mac App Store, so you can try to search on Mac App Store and read the comments from real customers. The average ranking stars can be a reference for the app quality.

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