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Why Format Factory is not on macOS?
Why Format Factory is not on macOS?
  • Oka Assist
  • 2024-05-24 20:00:27

Why is Format Factory not on macOS?

Format Factory is a great video converter app on Windows, but it is not released on Mac. If you want a similar tool on macOS, there is an excellent tool on Mac App Store: Video Converter X2.

Video Converter X2

This is a free app on Mac App Store, which support almost all video/audio format. Video Converter X2 provides a quick template to convert the file. This is helpful if a user is not a professional video/audio editor.

The user rating of Video Converter on the Mac App Store is 4.9 stars. It is quite a high score as a free app.

All formats supported

Video Converter X2 support video format: MP4、AVI、3GP、WMV、MKV、VOB、MOV、FLV;audio format: MP3、AC3、FLAC、AAC、M4A、AIFF、WAV etc. It even supports QLV, qmc, ncm, VOB, etc.

For subtitle files like srt, ssa, and ass, Video Converter X2 can load the subtitle into a video and embed the subtitle into the target files.

Compress Video

HD, HDR, Blu-ray, and all kinds of video formats are very big video files. Video Converter X2 can compress the file easily, and you can preview the estimated size before converting. Choose the balance between size and video quality.

Audio Converter

Any music format can be converted into mp3 or flac so you can play on a common device.

Merge Videos

Video Converter X2 can merge several video files into one single video file with a unique video format.

So yes, there is no Format Factory on macOS, but Video Converter X2 can be the best free alternative to Format Factory.

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